Kerry Washington in Scandal ABC

Brace yourself for shocking deaths, twists and some OMG moments as the countdown begins for the finale of ABC's super hit political drama Scandal Season 3.

Olivia and Jake might fight the biggest battle of their life to save the White House in the action-packed finale episode while fans probably have to bear the jolt of a shocking death.

The official synopsis and picture released by ABC leaves quite a few clues of the finale episode 'The Price of Free and Fair Elections'.

"Election Day has arrived and nothing is off limits as the candidates try to capture votes. Meanwhile, Olivia tries to understand Maya's motives and Charlie makes a very surprising move," the synopsis reads.

In the pre-finale Episode 'Flesh and Blood,' Mama Pope will be seen planning some wicked moves to harm the White House ahead of the Presidential Election.

Can Olivia and Jake succeed to execute a fair election knowing that all the three contenders, running for the most powerful position of the world are murderers?

Going by the official synopsis, it seems all the candidates will try everything to stop their opponents win. Does this mean some more shocking murders await in the season 3 finale?

Actor Tony Goldwyn who plays President Fitzgerald Grant in the Shonda Rhimes political thriller spilled some spoiler bean while giving an interview to

"Shonda keeps building off of what she has done. I didn't know how she would top the death of James Novak, and yet she has with this one. The stakes keep getting higher and she just does not back down. All boundaries are removed and truly anything can happen. None of us are safe," Goldwyn said.

When asked if any major character will die in the season finale, Goldwyn replied, "I can't say that, but major characters are certainly impacted in irreversible ways by this momentum that is building."

Olivia is surely keeping no stone unturned to keep her clients' secrets intact but can her mother Maya play a hindrance to her efforts and how Olivia will understand mom Pope's motives in order to save the White House?

Entertainment website speculates that Adnan and Marie Wallace might play some fatal game to gain access to Fitz's campaign plans and security detail.

Scandal Season 3 Finale 'The Price of Free and Fair Elections' will air on ABC on 17 April. Watch this space for more spoiler and updates on your favorite shows.