Scandal Season 4

Scandal season 4 premiered with a bang and fans are thrilled to see their favourite character Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) getting back into action.

The season premiere started two months after the finale of season 3 in which Rowan killed the president's son, Fitz won the election and Olivia took off to an unnamed place with Jake.

The episode started with Olivia (now Julia Baker) and Jake leading a peaceful life in their little paradise on the coasts of Zanzibar but their two-month old peaceful life ends when she gets a letter about Harrison's death.

Though she decides to make a short trip back to Washington along with Jake to pay tribute to her friend, things don't turn up as she planned. And this may lead to a chaotic life ahead for her and her former love Fitz in the Shonda Rhimes created series.

Episode two of the ABC political drama will focus on Fitz's speech about gun control and for this he will need Cyrus's help.

Cyrus will introduce a power couple played by Mary McCormack and Josh Randall to assist in the topic. The episode will also introduce Portia de Rossi possibly as the RNC Chairwoman 'Lizzie Bear' as the grieving first lady Mellie will draw national attention.

The official synopsis of episode 2 'The State of the Nation' reads: "In order for Fitz to make the biggest impact with his State of the Union address on gun control, Cyrus sets out to recruit a power couple (Mary McCormack and Josh Randall) who are influential on the issue. Meanwhile, Mellie's personal struggle gets national attention."

Meanwhile, Bellamy Young and Tony Goldwyn teases that in season 4 'everything will be different'.

"It's so different! Everything is different. The writers and producers have blown our minds with the way they've reinvented everything, but they've managed to keep it at the same intensity level too," the duo told

"Shonda Rhimes isn't repeating herself. If you think about where we ended the last season, of course it's different because everything's darker. We [the President and First Lady] have a very interesting relationship. It always has been, but it's gone to a new place."

Scandal Season 4 airs every Tuesday night on ABC.