Scandal Season four Episode two, The State of the Nation, airs tonight (2 October) and will feature Olivia Pope doing what she does best - fixing the twisted and making the president go weak at the knees.

According to the episode's official synopsis, "In order for Fitz to make the biggest impact with his State of the Union address on gun control, Cyrus sets out to recruit a power couple [Mary McCormack and Josh Randall] who are influential on the issue. Meanwhile, Mellie's personal struggle gets national attention."

The Scandal season four premiere also hinted that there will continue to be a spark between Olivia and Fitz. This might be explored further in the upcoming episode where Olivia will inevitably meet Fitz at The White House, reports Hallels.

Watch the new episode The State of the Nation at 9.00pm EST tonight (2 October) on ABC. You can click here to watch the episode online via live stream.

Check out the episode's promo clip below: