Scandal season 5
Fitz and Olivia's wedding is the only way to stem the media negativity surrounding Olitz ABC

Scandal season 5 is entering the most dramatic phase of the series if the synopsis of episode 6 is true. If Cyrus Beene's plans go well, then fans may just witness the biggest TV wedding of Fitz and the love of his life Olivia Pope.

In the previous episode, Liv meets her former boyfriends, Senator Edison Davis and Jake to help her deal with the unexpected negativity from the press. Mellie keeps losing her power in the White House while Cyrus gains a stronghold as he becomes the chief of staff again.

In the upcoming episode, Cyrus tells Olivia that there is a solution to end the controversies surrounding Olitz. "Is that why you called me? We can't discuss this..." Liv asks him in the promo.

"We didn't call you here to talk about the investigation," Cyrus tells her. "We called you here to discuss a wedding... our wedding," the president, who is also present on the scene, adds.

"It's the only way out of this. It's the only way to keep you from having to testify. You two are getting married," Cyrus says.

The official synopsis of episode 5 titled Get Out Of Jail, Free reads: "Fitz and Olivia are presented with a shocking plan that might just make all of their troubles go away, and Mellie is put through the ringer when confronted about her troubled marriage. Meanwhile, the Gladiators continue to defend Olivia, and Susan Ross turns to David for advice."

Scandal season 5 airs every Thursday on ABC network. Click here to watch the episode live stream online.

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