Wicked City
The premiere episode of Wicked City impressed viewers ABC

The premiere episode of Wicked City, ABC's thriller, has impressed viewers with its shocking content and skilled storytelling. Set in 1982, the show focuses on two serial killers who are being haunted by two Los Angeles Police Department detectives.

In the premiere episode, Kent (played by Ed Westwick), a Sunset Strip serial killer, goes to a bar and lures a young girl by convincing her that he is a Hollywood power broker. He slowly wins the girl over and calls the radio station to dedicate a special song to her as a secret admirer. Later, he takes her to an isolated cliffside where he stabs her in the neck as she performs oral sex on him.

The next day, the LAPD finds a headless corpse near a cemetery and the complicated case is assigned to Jack Roth and Paco Contreras. While investigating the case, Jack discovers that the killer is seeking attention and starts playing mind games with him by declaring to the press that the killer has been identified but his name will not be made public as the police don't want to make him famous.

Episode 2 of the series is titled Running With The Devil and the synopsis reads: "Jack and Paco get a lead on the serial killer's next possible victim and race against the clock to try and track her down before the killer gets to her; Kent struggles over whether or not to invite Betty to take part in his murderous rampage when it becomes clear that she doesn't trust him and may leave him, and Jack and Paco continue to search for Karen, who has disappeared from the club."

Kent, meanwhile, meets another woman, Betty, who he intends to make his victim but later realises that she is a burgeoning sociopath in her own way. In the second episode, he will struggle over inviting Betty to his 'murderous rampage'.

Karen, a struggling reporter who meets Kent in the premiere episode, will go missing. Jack, who asks her help in getting a lead in the case, searches for her frantically when she goes missing in episode 2.

More will happen when Wicked City returns on 3 November on ABC network.