Scandal season 5
Fitz and Olivia's steamy reunion was leaked by ABC

Olivia is in a pool of trouble in Scandal season 5 after she has confirmed to the media that she was President Fitzgerald Grant's mistress. Now, Fitz is completely devastated with the criticism that the love of his life is attracting from the media.

In a promo video of episode 4, Tony Goldwyn's character is seen in a heated discussion with Elizabeth North (Portia de Rossi) about the Olitz scandal. "Have you seen this garbage," he asks de Rossi's character as he throws a newspaper which has the headline, "Grant's Mistress Confirms Affair".

He is angry at the media for name calling Rowan Pope's daughter, by guessing about how many men she's slept with and at what age she lost her virginity. Abby, meanwhile, chose the wrong time to face the president and as a result is fired by Fitz without a chance to explain her situation.

The upcoming episode will bring Jake into focus while Huck and Quinn will try to cool down the media roaring against Liv. Meanwhile, Mellie finds a golden opportunity to avenge Fitz's divorce threat as she learns that he might get impeached for his affair with Liv.

The official synopsis of the fourth episode titled Dog-Whistle Politics reads:

Scandal season 5 airs every Thursday on ABC network. Click here to watch episode 4 via live stream online.