Vampire Diaries season 7
Lily seeks revenge after Damon and Bonnie ambush and kill Malcolm in TVD season 7 premiere CW

The Vampire Diaries season 7 jumps three years ahead by the end of the premiere episode with Stefan sprinting towards his brother Damon, who was sleeping in a casket next to Elena's. Fans got a hint that a crossbow wielding woman was after the Salvatore vampires' life. It was assumed that the woman might be Lily, who is mad at Damon for killing Malcolm in the premiere episode.

Julie Plec's super hit show will introduce a legendary but deadly vampire huntress in the current season and there are possibilities that she is after the Salvatore brothers. TV Line claimed that the show will introduce a huntress named Hannah who "literally cannot rest until her vengeance is complete."

The report also confirms that the shadowy figure is not Hannah but she will play an important role in the Salvatores' lives. Lily, on the other hand, is upset as a member of her heretic family dies at the hands of Damon and is vowing to avenge his death. The synopsis of the second episode hints at an evil plan carefully crafted by the Salvatore mother that "hits Damon where it hurts most."

The upcoming episode will also throw light on the mysterious 'red stone' that was obtained by Alaric while Lily frantically searches for the same. It will be interesting to see if the vampire huntress will hurt the already wrecked Salvatore brothers or 'help' the good vampires by eliminating the bad ones.

The synopsis of episode 2 Never Let Me Go reads: "When an impulsive decision by Damon threatens to unravel a carefully negotiated deal between Stefan and Lily, he has no choice but to make amends with his mother before things spiral further out of control. However, Lily remains one step ahead and carries out a harsh plan that hits Damon where it hurts most. Elsewhere, after returning to Whitmore Collage, Alaric turns to Bonnie for help with a mysterious and potentially dangerous artefact he has obtained, while Matt is forced into making a risky life or death decision. Meanwhile, Caroline, who finds herself a pawn in Lily and the heretics' plan for retribution, uncovers a shocking detail about Stefan's past."

TheVampire Diaries season 7 airs every Thursday on the CW network. In case you miss the episode during its airing time, click here to watch it live online on the network's official website the very next day.