A man has been sentenced to death for going on a knife rampage at a school in China last year.

Twenty two children were injured in the slashing spree by Min Yongjun in a school in the central province of Henan on 14 December 2012 - the same day as the Sandy Hook school massacre.

The 37-year-old Min Yongjun was caught on CCTV bursting into the school and chasing terrified youngsters through a gate, before being tackled by a group of adults equipped with brooms.

He launched the attack just as details were starting to emerge from the United States about the mass killing for young children at Sandy Hook school in Connecticut.

Yongjun was convicted of intentional homicide and given the death penalty, at Xinyang City Intermediate People's Court.

Under Chinese law, the intention to kill can be sufficient for a conviction for homicide, even if there are no deaths.