Scooter is the oldest living cat
Scooter's longevity may be down to his active lifestyle and diet of chicken Guinness World Records

A cat in Texas has reached his third decade of life, officially becoming the oldest feline in the world. Thirty-year-old Scooter has lived double the average life expectancy for cats – perhaps due to his extravagant lifestyle that includes being blow-dried after a bath and fed chicken every other day instead of regular cat food.

Scooter's owner Gail Floyd, who was present at the Siamese cat's birth on 26 March, 1986, also told Guinness World Records the cat had led an active lifestyle and was in perfect health, despite a few broken bones over the years.

Floyd added that the cat follows her everywhere, travelling with his owner to 45 US states – including visits to see her mother in a nursing home – and still has a playful nature despite his ripe old age.

A whopping 210 years old in cat years – one human year is said to equate to seven cat years – Scooter beat the previous Guinness World Record holder, a 24-year-old Maine Coon cat from Oregon.

Though record officials commented on how Scooter had managed to live for an "impressive" number of years, he still has several years to go before beating the all-time world record for longest living cat in history – that honour belongs to another Texan cat. Creme Puff lived for a staggering 38 years and three days, before dying in 1967.