Syrian refugees arrive in Scotland
The UK aims to resettle 20,000 Syrian refugees over the next five years [Picture for representation] Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Scotland has welcomed a total of 1,000 Syrian refugees since a summit last year set a target to ease the humanitarian crisis. The government of Scotland said that the milestone was reached as 120 more refugees made their way to the country in the past week, BBC reported.

Angela Constance, Equalities Secretary, asked the UK government to do more and accept more refugees. She added that the Scottish government remained committed to accepting a "fair and proportionate" share of the refugees coming to the UK.

The UK aims to resettle 20,000 Syrian refugees over the next five years. Around 2,800 people have already been accepted.

In September 2015, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon convened a summit to discuss the migrant crisis with aid agencies and representatives of all political parties of Holyrood. At the time, Sturgeon said that the country stood ready to offer sanctuary and would accept 1,000 refugees as a starting point to a meaningful discussion.

She also set up a task force with a budget of £1m to synchronise the country's practical response to the crisis.

Constance will mark the anniversary of the summit by meeting refugees and aid workers at an English languages project in Edinburgh. She elaborated saying, "From day one we have been clear in our commitment to accepting a fair and proportionate share of the refugees coming to the UK and will play our part in welcoming them to Scotland. We will continue to urge the UK government to accept more refugees."

David O'Neill, President of Council body Cosla, who will join her in the visit, said that Scotland's councils has had a "long and proud" history of helping the most vulnerable people in the country. He further said, "It makes me immensely proud that this track record is now being extended to include some of the most vulnerable people from across the globe - and the way our communities have rallied round to welcome their fellow citizens."