The leader of the Labour Party Ed Miliband has backed plans to devolve powers from Westminster to all four UK nations.

The comments come after the Prime Minister David Cameron promised to deliver on the constitutional reform in Scotland pledged before the referendum.

"Devolution is not just a good idea for Scotland and Wales, but it is a good idea for England and indeed for Northern Ireland too," Miliband said.

Almost 84.6% of Scotland's electorate turned out to vote in the polls, with 45% voting for independence and 55% against.

"This was a vote for change," Miliband said. "Change doesn't end today, change begins today – this was a vote for solidarity and social justice."

Lord Smith of Kelvin will oversee the devolution commitments on spending, tax and welfare, to be agreed by November and signed into effect in the New Year under Cameron's plans.

The Prime Minister also said that only English MPs will be able to vote on English issues, and implied the same for Wales and Northern Ireland.

"The people of England, Wales and Northern Ireland must have a bigger say", Cameron said.

He also announced that William Hague will put plans in place, with a Cabinet Committee to be formed to discuss.

The Conservative Party backbench MP Peter Bone said a more generous public spending allocation for Scotland "cannot stand" in a new settlement and argued that a devolution bill will "need to cover the whole of the UK".

The news comes less than eight months before the 2015 General Election.