Alex Salmond
Alex Salmond is taking more time to decide on his political future Getty Images

The Scottish National Party's outgoing leader Alex Salmond revealed on TV that he has not completely ruled out standing for a Westminster seat in the general election next year.

Speaking on BBC's Question Time on the evening of 23 October, Salmond said he had "absolutely decisively" not made up his mind about returning, despite announcing that he would be stepping down from his position only a few hours after Scots voted against independence.

Salmond served as a SNP MP between 1987 and 2010 for Banff and Buchan and said he will "continue to offer to serve" as MSP for Aberdeenshire East.

"The answer to your question, David, absolutely decisively I can tell you I haven't made up my mind. So you'll have to wait and see," said Salmond when asked by presenter David Dimbleby whether he would consider a return to Westminster.

"But I tell you what, when I do make up my mind, invite me back on to Question Time and I'll tell you why I did it."

Salmond resigned only hours after the referendum results showed that 55% of Scots voted against independence on 18 September this year.

He also exclaimed that No voters were "tricked" as Prime Minister David Cameron cannot guarantee that politicians will not try to stop Scotland from receiving greater powers within the proposed six months.