Scott Kelly's return to Earth is near. The NASA astronaut is preparing to leave the International Space Station on 1 March, where he has been living for nearly a year. Kelly and his Russian counterpart Mikhail Kornienko arrived on the ISS on 27 March 2015.

Their will provide researchers with a valuable insight to better understand the medical, psychological and physiological consequences for humans, when the body stays in space for a prolonged time period. The fact that Kelly has an identical twin brother is particularly interesting for scientists, as it gives them more bases for comparisons.

When Kelly lands on 2 March, he will have spent 340 consecutive days in space, a record for an American astronaut. You can watch him leaving the ISS and journeying home live below, or on NASA's website.

The Television coverage will begin at 8.10pm GMT (3.10pm EST) on 29 February. It will first show the "change of command ceremony", during which Kelly will hand over the ISS command to fellow astronaut Tim Kopra.

Then at 9.15pm GMT (4.15pm EST), Kelly's farewell to the station and the hatch closure will be filmed, followed by the coverage of the undocking at 0.45am GMT (7.45pm EST)

At 3.15am (10.15pm EST) deorbit burn and landing will begin, with the deorbit burn scheduled at 3.34am EST (10.34pm EST) and the landing at 4.27am GMT (11.27pm EST).

The coverage will conclude with a video of hatch closure, undocking, and other landing activities.