A survey of Scottish people living in the US has revealed that 74% of them are against the country breaking away from the rest of the UK.

According to a Friends of Scotland survey, cited by Huffington Post and Scotland Now, of the 26% that would vote for Scotland to become independent, 66% said they would like to retain their British passports.

Friends of Scotland was forged in 2001 and one of its most famous supporters is legendary actor Sir Sean Connery.

"It is interesting to note that Scots living in the United States share the views of President Obama that in the case of the United Kingdom 'if it ain't broke don't fix it," said a Better Together Campaign spokesperson.

"Ex-pat Scots employed in a variety of professions across the US are clearly saying 'No Thanks' to separation."

Scots will vote in an independence referendum on 18 September this year and will be asked the straight "yes/no" question: "Should Scotland be an independent country?"

The referendum period started on 30 May.

The poll also revealed that 84% did not believe that there was sufficient enough thought given to an independent Scotland's international representation through embassies and consulates.

Meanwhile, a whopping 94% of the respondents believe that "there is commercial value in Scotland remaining part of the UK, given the USA is the biggest international market for Scottish tourism."

While an overwhelming majority of the survey's respondents are against Scottish independence, they won't be able to vote, as the franchise is limited to those currently living in the country.

"Importantly the respondents to this survey highlight that 62% believe that Scotland's strong relationship with the US will endure after a 'yes' vote and that Scotland will come together after the referendum," said a spokesperson for Yes Scotland, in response to the survey.

"Large numbers of the respondents also want more powers for the Scottish Parliament.

"But as the referendum debate has developed, more and more people in Scotland have come to realise that the only way to achieve a meaningful package of powers to grow the economy and build a fairer society is to vote 'yes' in September."