Reigning Spanish La Liga champions Real Madrid CF are still unable to broker a contract extension with their captain, Sergio Ramos. With time running out, reports are now suggesting that the Spaniard is looking for a move away from the club, and is possibly targeting Premier League side Manchester United.

There are few clubs that can well afford to acquire a player of such high calibre as Sergio Ramos. French champions Paris Saint-Germain has been linked with the defender, but he is reportedly more keen on playing in the UK.

Real Madrid has reportedly placed an extension offer on the table, but Ramos has rejected it. Neither the club nor the player has been wanting to back down when it comes to what they want out of the extension. As such, a lengthy standoff has ensued, and as the days pass, it is looking more and more like an exit for Ramos.

Fans are anxious considering the fact that Ramos has a legacy that includes five La Liga titles and four Champions League victories. He played a vital role in securing those titles, including last season's league trophy. This season, the club has clearly struggled every time he was unavailable to play. Hence, his departure could be a big blow for the club.

Apart from his achievements with Real Madrid, Ramos also won a FIFA World Cup title and two European Championships with the Spanish national team. Needless to say, he is hot property. If it is true that he's eyeing a move to the Premier League, only a few clubs can realistically afford him.

Apart from United, Manchester City and Liverpool are possible destinations, but recent history will suggest that his performance against these clubs won't have them feeling warm and fuzzy about his possible arrival.

Everton on the other hand, might be more welcoming thanks to manager Carlo Ancelotti, who held the reigns at Real Madrid back in 2013-15.

It remains to be seen if Florentino Perez will let another legend slip away, and if Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will swoop in for a chance to fortify United's defence.

Sergio Ramos
Sergio Ramos is entering the final six months of his Real Madrid contract AFP / JORGE GUERRERO