A convicted sex offender who abused a 15-year-old girl offered to show his genitals in court in a bid to prove he was impotent.

Sukhpal Singhu Sidhu, 45, was sentenced to eight years behind bars in 2015 but is now alleging that he cannot be guilty because he cannot have sex. Judges Sir Brian Leveson, Jeremy Baker and Martin Spencer of the Appeals Court were told that because of a botched circumcision, Sidhu was left impotent.

"The fact that I am unable to have sex should be an important factor," Sidhu told Leveson, according to Metro. "Don't you want to examine my scars?"

Leveson replied: "Absolutely not. That's not a proper approach or line of inquiry for this court."

Sidhu also offered to have a medical examination but the judges were not interested. "Although he asked us to view the scars which remain, we declined to do so," Spencer said.

Sidhu also alleged that the only reason he was accused was because the girl had been blackmailing him and had demanded that he pay her phone bill.

He was found guilty of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and three counts of sexual activity with a child.

His "hopeless" plea was thrown out of court.

Sidhu, of Pudsey, West Yorkshire, managed a cornershop before he was convicted. He said he was circumcised in 2003 and was battling personal issues after his wife left him.