Chicago has finished top of a new Time Out rankings list that reveals the World's best cities to live based on food, culture and several other factors.

The Windy City managed to beat New York, London, Manchester and Melbourne. London finished fifth on the list, Manchester seventh and Edinburgh 11th. The top five cities were Chicago, Porto, New York, Melbourne and London. The rankings are based on food and drink, culture, friendliness, affordability and happiness.

Time Out interviewed a total of 15,000 people across 32 cities. Eighty-six percent of Londoners revealed they were thrilled with the city's ability to always have a packed cultural calendar.

Paris finished top for having the most sex but failed to crack the top 10 overall (14th). Parisians were also the most sleep deprived. New York had the bitter-sweet news of being one of the most stressed cities but made up for it by having the best nightlife.

Porto, which finished second overall, was number one for connecting with friends, keeping in touch with family and finding love. Melbourne reportedly has the happiest residents in the world scoring 92% on the cheerful index.

And despite the numerous offerings of New York and London, Mexico City was crowned the epicentre of culture. Residents of the Mexican capital head to live music events, the cinema, art galleries and museums at least 76 times a year.

If you are considering a move to the Middle East, it could pay off handsomely to pick Tel Aviv. The Israeli city was the number one place for eating out and indulging in one-night stands. More importantly, it has the shortest working hours of any of the 32 cities. Dubai had the longest.

However, it is important to remember other factors that have not been included in the study. Chicago is notorious for gang violence and has even earned the nickname "Chiraq" because of its high homicide rate.

BBC correspondent Ian Pannell said in 2016: "I've never seen so many weapons in civilian hands outside of a traditional war zone as I did in parts of Chicago.

"In Chicago, you have kids who are empowered by shooting, given a kind of status that otherwise they don't have."