MTV's latest fantasy thriller The Shannara Chronicles is gaining immense popularity. This is mostly due to the perfect casting of Poppy Drayton, Austin Butler and Ivana Baquero as the Elven Princess Amberle, Wil (a half-human half-elf), and Eretria (a thieve) respectively. The first three episodes of the show have allowed fans to sink in the plot and the characters.

Although the adventurous journey of the trio has attracted many fans to the TV adaptation of the Shannara fantasy novel series by Terry Brooks, it is the sizzling chemistry between Wil and Eretria that is gaining prime attention.

Austin Butler, who plays the lead told The Wrap that the trick by Eretria is so appealing that his character keeps falling for her. "There's this seductive quality to her. She's really good at getting in somebody's mind, especially Wil's," he told the news website.

In episode 4, the wily thief seduces Wil and steals the elfstones after having sex with him. Butler hints that in the upcoming episodes, Eretria will have to make a lot of effort to win his trust.

"He's thrown up a huge wall between him and Eretria at this point and doesn't want to allow her to trick him again. That makes the relationship fun in a way, because there's this seductive quality to her. She's really good at getting in somebody's mind, especially Wil's. So it's fun to watch their dynamic now that he's doing his best to put up this wall."

In episode 4 Changeling, Amberle, Wil and Eretria will be asked to form a team to bring the seed to their stronghold to save Ellcrys, a magical great tree that holds an ancient army of demons in a realm, which is now dying. Click here to watch the episode online on MTV's official website.

The closeness between the half-human half-elf and Eretria is growing in each episode of the MTV series, but they could face some challenges in the future as Poppy Drayton's Elven Princess will emotionally connect with Wil.

"There's a really interesting dynamic between the three of us," she told TV Guide. "It's always tricky when two people are after the same guy. [They] all sort of jostle in position. Everyone has their own status within the trio. It's interesting to see how that sort of shifts and how the relationships swap. It's not as simple as Eritria and Amberle always at loggerheads and Wil always torn between the two. There's several interesting shifts where little pairs are formed between the three, and it's not always the ones you'd expect. I think it keeps you on your toes."

The Shannara Chronicles airs every Tuesdays on MTV.