Sharon Osbourne is not one to shut up when it comes things she disagrees with and she has something to say about the latest drama involving NBC's "America's Got Talent."

The outspoken reality TV star shared her opinions about the "AGT" drama in an episode of "The Talk." She did not take sides but explained that everyone has different experiences on the show. Being on the show for six years, she knows a thing or two about what happens behind the screens.

However, she clarified that she left the show because she had problems with NBC and not with the show itself. She said that she enjoyed working on "America's Got Talent" and with the crew. She also recalled no one of colour was among the judges during her stint so she cannot speak for fired judge Gabriella Union.

Osbourne noticed something during her stay on "America's Got Talent" and it is the length of time that the male judges get to stay. She said female judges were swapped more often than the males.

The 67-year old agreed with what former judge Howard Stern said about Simon Cowell regularly swapping the women for "hotter chicks and younger chicks." Cowell allegedly made sure to that the men stayed longer regardless of their age, and if they have any talent or not.

"It is a boys club, okay, it is. And the boys take care of each other, and the women are not paid as much as the men. I was on the show before Howie [Mandel]... I was one of them that helped put the show where it was," Osbourne shared.

She said she found it strange that the men had longer stints on "America's Got Talent." She remembered Mandel and L.A. Reid as judges with Demi Lovato and Britney Spears. Osbourne told the men that they "looked like two dirty old men" and "two high rollers in Vegas who picked up a couple of kids."

As parting words, Osbourne called the attention of NBC and told the network, "NBC can kiss my a**."

"The Osbournes" star spoke up against NBC following news that the company fired Union following a short stint as a judge on "America's Got Talent." She was reportedly axed from speaking about the toxic work culture and about the racist incidents on the show.

Sharon Osbourne speaking at awards ceremony
Sharon Osbourne speaks during the Family Equality Council Impact Awards Getty