Abu Anwar al-Canadi
Abu Anwar al-Canadi claims he was once a 'typical Canadian, who grew up on the hockey ring' Source: Twitter

Islamic State (Isis) have released a new propaganda video featuring a Canadian national, who urges more terror attacks like the Ottawa shootings to be carried out. He encourages Muslims to either come fight with Islamic State or to carry out a terror attack at home.

The fighter, Abu Anwar al-Canadi, claims he was once "a typical Canadian, who grew up on the hockey ring and spent my teenage years playing the guitar".

He claims he had no criminal record and was "a bright student and maintained a strong GPA in university". He urges viewers to consider why he became radicalised and why he would want to attack his homeland.

The video is part of Islamic State's propaganda series called Message of the Mujahid.

The fighter starts by talking about the recent attacks in Montreal and Ottawa, claiming they were "carried out in direct response to your participation in the coalition of nations, waging war against the Muslim people".

He makes a specific reference to the terror attack in Montreal, in which Martin 'Ahmad' Rouleau, a Canadian convert, killed a soldier in Montreal before being killed in a high-speed car chase.

"You either pack your bags or you prepare your explosive devices. You either purchase your airline ticket or you sharpen your knife."

Abu Anwar al-Canadi
Al-Canadi urges Muslims to 'either pack your bags or you prepare your explosive devices' Twitter

"You either come to the Islamic State and live under the laws of Allah, or you follow the example of brother Ahmad Rouleau and do not fear the blame of the blamers."

Al-Canadi comments: "It should not surprise you when the operations by the Muslims are executed where it hurts you the most, on your very own soil. In retaliation for your unprovoked acts of aggression towards our people.

"The more bombs you drop on our people. The more people will understand that today, waging jihad against the West and its allies around the world, is beyond the shadow of doubt, a religious obligation binding upon every Muslim."

He insists, "the answer is, we have accepted the message and the true call of God. A call to worship no deity accept the one true god alone."

"And after submitting to God and accepting the religion of truth, we have answered the call to jihad, striving with our wealth and ourselves for the sake of God."

Abu Anwar al-Canadi
The Canadian fighter tells viewers: "You either purchase your airline ticket or you sharpen your knife." Twitter

The Canadian fighter goes on to issue a warning: "I warn you and I warn you clearly. The promise of our lord is true. The day of judgement will come so I sincerely advise you to read the Quran and search for the truth yourself."

"To the Muslims still residing in Canada, I say to you: how can you remain living amongst the disbelievers, under their unjust man-made laws, which are slowly but surely eliminating the rights of the Muslims, especially now that the Caliphate has been established."

He also accuses the Canadian government of "waging a crusade against our Muslim brothers and sisters at this very moment".

Al-Canadi claims: "According to Islamic principles, you are living in a land of war. A land which is relentlessly oppressing and constantly in support of the repressing of Muslims all around the world."

The radical fighter insists the only reason for a Muslim to stay in Canada, America or Europe is to "to carry out their duty of fighting in Allah's cause."