A Qantas passenger flying home to Australia has written on Reddit about his disgust at the woman seated in front of him who decided to sit backwards in her own seat and wound up poking her feet through the gap in the seats. The inconsiderate passenger was seemingly oblivious to the fact that her dodgy digits were mere centimetres from her neighbour's meal.

"She nearly stuck her toe in my meal," the passenger wrote. "At one point this ignorant beast had her legs across half the narrow walkway causing stewardesses to navigate around her."

The passenger also said that he considered a rather extreme measure to tackle the situation but was stopped by his wife.

"I motioned to my wife that I should stab her foot with my onboard plastic knife," he wrote. "She slapped my shoulder; I took that as a 'NO'."

The passenger said he regrets not politely asking his fellow passenger to put her feet back on the side of her seat.

"I'm not sure why, really. Maybe that constant nagging many of us have to not cause a scene," he wrote.

Many Reddit users commented on the post. One said: "Just accidentally dribble some sauce on her foot. Repeat as necessary until she moves it."

"You should've chomped on her toe. I guarantee she wouldn't have done that again," another user commented.

This is not the first incident where people have reported awkward situations they have faced on flights.

On 22 September, a video of a woman in the British Airways uniform making racist remarks about passengers on a flight to Nigeria was recorded by passengers. She was said to be ranting about the size of Nigerian passengers' penises.

In the video, which is filled with expletives, the air stewardess explains how she was going to deal with passengers on the six-hour flight.