Friends and family of a newlywed couple that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle during their honeymoon have hired search teams two weeks after they last heard from them.

Family members say that they have not heard from Forrest and Dona Sanco, of Fort Worth, Texas, since they arrived at their first stop in the Bahamas on 25 September.

The pair failed to reach their honeymoon destination in Rum Cay with their last known whereabouts North Eletuthera, where they had planned to stop for refuelling.

The couple were travelling in a 51-year-old Cessna 150 airplane from Fort Worth that had taken them a number of days.

They were due to land in Rum Cay, just two hours away, where they had rented a home for the week, on 27 September.

"With that money, we've been able to hire two private search and rescue teams with aircraft and cameras," said Erin Simmons, Donna's daughter-in-law to Fox News.

"They've been doing flyovers since yesterday and back out today."

The day before they disappeared they had posted a photo of a sunrise on Instagram. Forrest also had a conversation over email with a friend, which was the last time anyone heard of them.

The electronics engineer Forrest mentioned a small problem with his plane he had repaired saying it was "no big deal," in an email to friend, Jason Fox.

It was reported that family members contacted local authorities for help, but government resources were extremely limited following recent hurricanes in the Caribbean.

Sunrise somewhere in the Bahamas.....

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So now the family has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for a private search team already attracting over $13,000 of their $20,000 goal.

The couple reportedly first met at high school in Oklahoma before reconnecting on Facebook years later and getting married earlier this year.

"They recently reunited on Facebook, whirlwind romance, got engaged, began traveling," Erin Simmons, Donna's daughter-in-law, told KDFW. "They've just been the happiest couple."

According to Fox News there was reports of bad weather in the area at the time of the disappearance.