In a shocking incident caught on camera, a young woman hurtled to the ground while dangling from a bungee jump on Sunday (9 April) at the popular Foire du Trone fair in the French capital, Paris.

The safety harness that held the young woman came undone during the ride.

A video, filmed by a young man, shows the upside-down woman's head flailing inches off the ground as she hurls past. French media reported she was not injured.

Cited by BFM TV, a spokesman for the Foire du Trone said human error was to blame for the incident.

"An investigation is under way to determine whether the fault is that of the fairground staff managing the merry-go-round or that of the girl," the communications team for the fair, said.

After consulting the owner of the L'Adrenaline bungee jump, the city of Paris decided to shutdown the ride "as a precautionary measure".

"As soon as this incident was discovered, the City of Paris launched an administrative investigation in addition to the police investigation that is underway. The first observations made by the City of Paris show that the ride meets the safety standards in force and that all technical controls had been correctly carried out," Paris City Hall said in a statement. "It supports the thesis of a human error, but this will have to be confirmed by the police investigation."

Foire du Trone is an annual fair held in a park in central Paris.