By escaping too quickly dolphins could end up stranded on a beach
There is an estimated 100 dolphins in the area near the Aeolian islands, Sicily

Sicilian fishermen are going on a two-day strike after blaming "greedy" dolphins for eating fish in the area. The animals are accused of destroying nets and eating fish around the Aeolian Islands.

As a result, revenues from fish sales have dropped by 70% in some areas.

"Every night, there is a war for survival," Giuseppe Spinella, vice-president of local fishing consortium Co.Ge.Pa, told Repubblica Palermo newspaper.

"We must clarify, we don't have anything against dolphins, but a we must find a solution: It's either fishermen or them [dolphins]. We are calling for a state of natural disaster declaration."

Filicudi Wildlife Conservation estimated there are at least 100 dolphins in the area.

"Fishermen think the number is increasing, but that's not the case," Monica Blasi, a biologist working at the organisation, said. " The problem is that fish has decreased in the sea and cetaceans swim closer to boats to eat."

Filicudi said it will provide boats with an acoustic device, called 'pingers'. The device will be trialled in May. However, the organisation warned it might not be effective as dolphins could get used to the sound.