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With Halloween fast approaching, it's probably the right time to pick a new horror game. One game worthy of consideration is "Signalis," an upcoming survival horror game set to launch next month.

The horror game "Signalis" was developed by rose-engine and published by Humble Games, according to CBR. The studio describes the game as "a love letter to the golden era of survival horror", and its creation is inspired by two of the top titles of the genre – "Silent Hill" and "Resident Evil."

While recent survival horror games such as "The Medium" and "Tormented Souls" attempted to recapture classic games of the genre with shifting fixed camera angels and HD models, "Signalis" attempted a different approach with its fairly consistent isometric viewpoint and its characters being rendered in a mixture of low-poly models and pixel art. Based on the trailer, the move proved to be quite effective as it resulted in gameplay that's creepy and unnerving.

'Signalis' gameplay and storyline details

The narrative of "Signalis" centres on Elster, a technician Replika who wakes up from stasis to discover that her spaceship has crash-landed on a snowy planet. What's even more intriguing is that the only other person on board, the pilot Ariane Yeong, is missing, according to the PlayStation Blog.

Gamers play as Elster and, after exploring the planet, soon discover what appears to be the ruins of a seemingly abandoned underground labour camp. However, she soon finds out that there are horribly distorted figures inside the reeducation and mining facility.

She encounters a young woman, another Replika, as she explores the deeper areas of the facility. The young woman has to deal with her own personal issues as she experiences strange visions that might be memories from another life.

To get through bureaucratic safeguards, Elster must find creative ways to move past these restrictions. She will sometimes apply pure logic to solve puzzles, use her radio to decrypt messages, and discover codes and keycards to unlock doors to discover the mystery behind the facility.

'Signalis' release date and platforms

"Signalis" is set for launch in time for Halloween, with its release scheduled on October 27. The game will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch.