Simon Cowell : I Want to Eat Ice Cream Off Nicole Scherzinger's Body/Reuters
Simon Cowell : I Want to Eat Ice Cream Off Nicole Scherzinger's Body/Reuters

TV mogul Simon Cowell has raised many eyebrows as he voiced his intimate fantasy involving Pussycat Dolls lead singer, Nicole Scherzinger.

Cowell stated that he would love to eat dessert off the 35-year-old beauty's body.

"I'm going to say what came into my mind here... I'm imagining [Nicole] as a huge dinner plate and I want to eat ice cream off her. Money couldn't buy it and I would do it," Cowell stated.

He made this saucy confession in an interview on Skype. He answered questions from fans around the world, as well as celebrity friends including Nicole Scherzinger, Demi Lovato and Leona Lewis.

When Scherzinger asked him what he most desires that money can't buy, he came up with that cheeky admission.

Meanwhile, Scherzinger has been banned from joining Britain's Got Talent (BGT) chief at St Tropez, according to sources. The 53-year-old television mogul has taken a large entourage of former girlfriends and close friends on a luxury yacht cruise to escape the Lauren Silverman situation.

Cowell is reportedly the father of American socialite Lauren Silverman's second child. The 36-year-old Lauren is the estranged wife of real estate tycoon Andrew Silverman, who has since filed for divorce, naming his wife and Cowell in the papers.

"The plan was for judges to join him on board, where he would discuss the finalists with them and reveal what categories they have. That was before all this baby drama kicked off. Simon now needs time to think about things other than work so it seemed inappropriate to carry on," an ITV insider told the Daily Star.