Lauren Silverman Had a Torrid Affair With Married Teacher in School;Cowell Offers £63m Child Support/Reuters
Lauren Silverman Had a Torrid Affair With Married Teacher in School;Cowell Offers £63m Child Support/Reuters

Simon Cowell is planning to treat close friends to a month-long holiday at St Tropez, as details about his affair with American socialite Lauren Silverman emerge.

It was previously reported the 53-year-old Britain's Got Talent (BGT) chief has fathered a child with Silverman, the 36-year-old wife of now ex-friend Andrew Silverman. And since confirmation of Lauren's pregnancy broke, the Mail Online has reported on a rumoured affair between a 16-year-old Lauren Silverman and her English tutor in high school, Steve Lewis.

"It was a relationship that went on for a month and a half. Virtually all the students knew. She was one of the good-looking, popular kids - part of the 'in' crowd," Jerry Raphaelson, a former classmate, revealed.

In addition to those details, Cowell is believed to be unhappy at the constant leak of private information from the Silverman camp and is eager to show that he remains in control of the situation.

"Privately he has told friends he is not happy about the way in which Lauren's family are leaking information to the Press, as it is something he can't control," a friend explained. Cowell, for his part, has said: "Everyone knows that I go on this holiday every year and I want the world to see that this is not bothering me. I am in control."

And perhaps as a show of his independence and distance from the incident, the yacht cruise to St Tropez is believed to include a number of former flames in the guest list, including ex-fiancée Mezghan Hussain.

Lauren Silverman is reportedly not on the guest list. The socialite is believed to be 10 weeks pregnant and, if true, this will be her second child. She is mother to a son with Silverman. This will be Cowell's first child.

Silverman has filed for an at-fault divorce in a Manhattan court, naming his wife and Cowell as the offending parties.

"My top priority is protecting my seven-year-old son while working to resolve all outstanding issues with my wife. Hopefully people can respect the interest of our child during this process," he said.