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Singapore Exchange (SGX) has revealed that the trading outage this afternoon was a result of a power malfunction and not due to a cyber security breach.

SGX, which is the country's stock exchange, confirmed that traders were disconnected from 1418 hours until 1451 hours and no trades were executed during this time.

"We apologise for today's outage and the inconvenience caused to market participants. We are currently investigating the root cause for the disruption," said Tim Utama, chief operations and technology officer of SGX.

The Securities market pre-opening session started at 1700 hours and the market reopened for trading at 1715 hours.

Trading was extended beyond the normal trading hours to provide for the required minimum of 30 minutes of continuous trading. Securities market closing session started at 1745 hours and the market closed at 1751 hours.

The Derivatives market pre-opening session started at 1845 hours and the market reopened for trading at 1900 hours.

"Trading in both markets was orderly and the reopen was managed, ensuring adequate market participants' connectivity," said the group.