The woman who was alone in the car is said to have received a shock after she spotted the cockroach and crashed her vehicle - Representational Image Wikimedia Commons

A 61-year-old woman crashed her car into an overhead bridge in Singapore after the sight of a cockroach in her vehicle gave her a fright on Friday (26 January).

The woman was believed to have been alone in the car. On spotting the cockroach, she lost control of the red Mazda leading to the crash.

Photos of the incident shared on Facebook showed the car mounted on a pavement with its front bumper heavily damaged, The Straits Times reported.

The woman's son who got to know about the incident arrived at the scene a short while after the incident. She suffered minor injuries and was taken to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.

In a similar incident in 2014 in New Zealand, a woman is said to have got distracted by a cockroach on the dashboard of her car and crashed it into oncoming traffic, Coconuts website reported.

How can this happen?Dated: 26 Jan 2018 Location: Jurong East Central

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