Sister wives
Kody Brown along with sister wives, Robyn, Christine, Meri and Janelle TLC

Even as Sister Wives season 6 is months away from its premiere on TLC, the bond between Kody Brown's four wives seems to have taken a hit, especially after Meri's shocking decision to divorce her husband of 24-years in the fifth season of the show.

Recently, Robyn -- Kody's youngest wife -- posted a "betrayal" tweet sparking rumours about a major rift with Meri.

"The sting of betrayal is the worst kind of hurt..." the 36-year-old reality star wrote on her Twitter account on 30 June.

On the same day, Meri, appeared as if she was trying to make a point before Robyn by sharing one of Mahatma Gandhi's saying on her social media account, "I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet".

She also gave some tips on "healthy relationships" by tweeting a quote which said: "Lets not forget its you and me Vs. the problem, NOT you Vs. me".

Kody's fourth wife is pregnant with the couple's second child and is due to give birth on 7 January. This will be her fifth pregnancy and Kody will become the father of his 18th child. He already has 17 children from all his four wives (including the children from Robyn's previous marriage).

Janelle and Christine congratulated the couple after they announced the news, but as usual Meri maintained silence on her social media account.

Since, her divorce with the polygamist, the mother of one has restrained herself from sharing any news about the Brown family and has remained silent during family celebrations.

Her attitude has sparked rumours that the reality star may have moved on from the Brown family and may be headed towards starting life afresh.

Well, since these are mostly speculations, it remains to be seen how Meri and Robyn will behave, when the shows returns on TLC. The network is yet to declare the premiere date for Sister Wives season 6.