A fringe movement of white nationalists was propelled into the spotlight after Stephen K Bannon, former editor of the conservative Breitbart website, became one of US President Donald Trump's key advisors, and reportedly one of the most influential figures in the Trump White House.

Bannon declared Breitbart a platform for the movement while editor, and critics claim he has helped to legitimise their beliefs.

The movement has used social media and messaging board 4Chan to spread its views, employing a distinctive vocabulary and memes to give white nationalist ideology a digital age spin and to troll opponents.

Below, IBTimes UK provides a handy guide to alt-right terminology.

Short for "alternative right", the group is an anti-establishment far-right movement which rallies around white identity and culture. The movement became associated with the Breitbart website, which has published anti-Semitic content and traffics in conspiracy theories. Supporters backed Donald J Trump for US president, praising his hardline views on immigration and Islam. The term is believed to be derived from the Alternative Right online newspaper, founded by white nationalist Richard Spencer in 2010.

The alt-right claims to defend traditional "masculine" values, and celebrates figures such as Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin it claims are "alpha" males, deriding so-called "beta" males as weak. Alt-right advocates of authoritarian male-dominated hieraches descibe themselves as "masulinist."

The Cathedral

A derogatory term for the liberal consensus, which was established in the West after the end of World War II.

An insult aimed at men whom the alt-right deem weak derived from the word cuckold.

Also see: Cuckservative – a portmanteau word derived from "cuckold" and "conservative" – and used as a derogatory term for right-wing moderates. Some believe that the use of the term has racist implications, and alludes to a type of pornography.

Human biodiversity

Alt-right sympathisers will use the concept to refer to what they claim are significant genetic differences between human "tribes", and justify their opposition to multicultural societies and intermingling between races.

A portmanteau of the words "liberal" and "retard". Used as a derogatory term for liberals and others whose beliefs the alt-right derides

An intellectual movement also referred to as NRx or Dark Enlightenment, and associated with nihilist and libertarian thinkers including Briton Nick Land and American computer programmer Curtis Yarvin (aka "Mencius Moldbug"). The movement is anti-democratic and espouses a return to authoritarian structures. It is regarded as a precursor of the alt-right.

Short for "special snowflake", the term is used to deride someone who does not take criticism well. Usually used against liberals who take offence at right-wing policies and language, or those offended by Trump's insults and outbursts.

Abbreviation for Social Justice Warrior, it is a pejorative term for social media users who engage in arguments and debates online about social issues. Often used to undermine people who discuss women's rights and equality.

White Genocide
A far-right theory that the white race is under threat from multiculturalism and immigration. Used to imply that anything that benefits non-white Americans or immigrants is an existential threat to white America.