French Olympic heart-throb Brian Joubert has been offered marriage proposals and had women sleeping outside the door of his hotel room during the games in Sochi.

To his fans, Joubert is the Harry Styles of the figure skating world. He is showered with gifts from adoring admirers, who have travelled from as far as China and Japan just to catch a glimpse of him.

But who is he?

Joubert has six world championship medals in figure skating. He is the 2007 World Champion and a three-time European champion, as well as an eight-time French National champion. He won the 2006-2007 Grand Prix Final champion.

He was born in Poitiers, Vienne in 1984 and began skating at the age of four with his sisters. Although he originally hoped to play hockey, Joubert quickly became fascinated with the jumping aspect of figure skating.

Why is he so famous?

Aside from figure skating poster-boy, Joubert is frequently in the media. Considered a heart-throb in his native France, he had a short relationship with the former Miss France, Laetitia Bleger. This did not end particularly well, though, as he later brought a lawsuit against Bleger for 40,000 Euros for insinuating he was homosexual behind the facade of their relationship. He later dated Italian figure skater Valentina Marchei, but they split up in 2009.

What else has Joubert done?

In March 2006, he published his biography, entitled Brian Joubert: Le Feu Sur La Glace (Brian Joubert: The Fire on Ice). His second book, Brian Joubert Sur Papier Glace (Brian Joubert On Paper Ice), was published in February 2010.

He is also studying for a coaching diploma, as the games at Sochi will be his last Olympic competition. He was due to begin coaching in the summer of 2013 in Vaujany, but was unable to do so because of travel problems. He is also a motorcycle and car racing enthusiast, as well as the proud owner of six snakes.

How have fans shown their support?

According to Joubert, his admirers have taken extreme lengths to show their devotion to the figure skating star. As reported in News Daily, he said: "I've had offers of marriage. Women want to divorce and leave home to come and live with me in Poitiers. They're sure that it could work."

Joubert has also had a few problems from keen fans, including one who pretended to be his agent. He said: "She went to see all the gala promoters telling them she was my agent and that cause a lot of problems for me."

For far in Sochi, he has been showered with presents and according to Joubert, an Italian woman came up to him with tracing paper and asked him to sign his initials for a tattoo. He added: "She wants to get a tattoo. Where? I don't know!"