Zero G aircraft
The modified Airbus A310 will take lucky the night-clubbers into zero gravity for 90 minutes. Reuters


  • Up to 25 clubbers will get the chance to rave aboard the specially modified aircraft.
  • Those selected for the journey won't have to pay a penny.

A group of German promoters have announced plans to host a nightclub party at zero-gravity.

Some 25 lucky ravers will be sent into the stratosphere as they listen to performances by some of the world's top DJs, travelling in an aircraft typically used to train astronauts.

The modified Airbus A310 will be flying for approximately 90 minutes and clubbers can expect 25 minutes of weightlessness as their aircraft maneuvers in extreme high altitude.

The event will be hosted by veteran nightclub promoters BigCityBeats. The Frankfurt-based company also hosts major music festivals such as World Club Dome, which they claim is the "biggest club in the world".

Best of all, the entire trip will be free with all expenses paid. The promoters hope to select the eventual winners from each continent through a social media contest.

According to CEO Bernd Breiter: "Since we are doing a lot of things which are unique, everybody was asking me – when do you fly to the moon?"

"That will take awhile, if it's possible. But we are coming a little bit closer," he said.

DJs Steve Aoki, one of the biggest names in electronic music, and 1990s trance god Armin van Buuren will play to the handful of attendees. In all 55 people will be on-board the aircraft including pilots, support staff and other aviation experts. European Space Agency astronauts Jean-Francois Clervoy, from France, and Spain's Pedro Duque will also accompany on the journey.

Van Buuren says he is curious to see how the weightlessness will affect his performance:

"I think it will look really funny," he told AFP. "You can make really unique dance moves, like twists in the air, that you wouldn't normally be able to do on a dance floor," he said. "It's an interesting science project, let's put it that way."