Alternative lunch break.... Yes I did... Welcome to Calabria 😱😜💪🏻

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Ercole Cellino, a Leeds United director and son of the club's chairman, Massimo Cellino, is under fire after a post to instagram that used Nazi references as hashtags. Ercole, 26, later edited the post to take out hashtags including 'gestapo' and 'ss'.

Ercole later wrote in Italian that he did not mean to cause offence: "Obviously my hashtags are only jokes. It was not my intention to offend anyone. Look, I can be everything, but not anti-Semitic or racist."

Ercole's brother, Edoardo Cellino, also a director of the club, was suspended and fined last week for a Facebook conversation with a fan in which he called the fan a "moron" and a "sp**tic".

The post seemed to show Ercole Cellino after having his haircut and is captioned "Alternative lunch break.... Yes I did... Welcome to Calabria".

A statement from fan group, Time To Go Massimon, said they "weren't surprised" to see Ercole "bring Leeds United's name into disrepute through his own ignorance... This further cements the fact he is not fit to hold such a lofty position at Leeds United Football Club."

Massimo Cellino has reigned over a tumultuous, scandal-laden period for the club since he bought a controlling share in 2014.