Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Spoiler
Sons of Anarchy Season 7. Sons of Anarchy/FX

Kurt Sutter's highly popular biker drama Sons of Anarchy Season 7 is all set to ride through fans' hearts one last time with its final series.

The cast and crew of SOA appeared at the San Diego Comic Con for the last time and spilled the beans about the upcoming series of FX's blockbuster biker drama.

During the Comic Con meet, Sutter teased fans with the first scene from the pilot episode of SOA Season 7.

The series begins with a time lapse of ten days featuring Jax in a pretty bad mental condition and in jail. The forthcoming season will focus on Jax's revenge journey after his wife Tara's murder.

"This season will be the most proactive for Jax," Sutter told the audience via Entertainment Weekly.

"He's driven, with a singular purpose. Rather than being a reactor to chaos, he will be the inciter. It's almost like writing a brand new character," Sutter added.

The first clip from the upcoming series shows Jax beating a jail inmate ruthlessly to a point that he passes out.

But Jax doesn't stop there; he continues to carve a swastika on the inmate's stomach before pulling the poor man's teeth out.

Fans will definitely begin to wonder what will happen when Jax learns that his mother is the sole reason of his ongoing madness.

During the Comic Con fan meet, Sutter hinted at Jax's possible fate, even though he is half way towards the end of the SOA script.

"I know where I want my hero to be emotionally and thematically at the end of the season," Sutter told fans.

"Rather than being the reactor to chaos, (Jax) is the inciter of chaos. It's like writing a brand new character."

Meanwhile, in an interview with TV Line, Theo Rossi teased that Juice could face the wrath of Jax's ongoing madness and may succumb to it.

Rossi has earlier hinted at major deaths of favourite characters in the upcoming series.

"People are dropping like flies, literally, every two seconds you're like, 'Oh, that person's gone,'" Rossi told EW.

"There's always a big clap-off it feels, every scene, every episode, somebody's leaving."

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 will premiere its final season on September 9 on FX.