The teaser trailers for Sons of Anarchy Season 7 keeps getting creepier and so is Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam).

The SAMCRO gang will ride for one last time as FX's biker drama will air its final series this October.

Show creator Kurt Sutter has released five trailers and each one promises a power-packed end to the hugely popular series.

The recently released poster of the outlawed biker series has wowed Jax fans, as the picture shows him with a huge skull tattoo piercing his back.

The trailers and the poster suggest that Jax is turning into a reaper and the series premiere could see him meeting his first victim.

Sutter already hinted that Jax will be more savage than ever in the upcoming series and he could well be the instigator of homicidal scenarios.

Meanwhile FX has released the titles of the first six episodes of SOA.

Episode 1 'Black Widower'( 9 Sept): This premiere episode of Sons of Anarchy will be one hour and forty-five minutes, beginning 10 days after Tara's murder.

Jax, who is grieving and keen for vengeance after his beloved wife's death, will be shown in jail for a parole violation.

The trailer shows fans about the extent of Jax's mental condition as he ruthlessly beats up a fellow prisoner in jail.

Episode 2 Toil and Till (14 Sept.): News for Shoppers suspects that the second episode could be about Charming's outlawed biker gang SAMCRO's battle with another gang or Jax's plan to find the killer of his wife and avenge her death.

Below are the other four episodes of the series:

Episode 3 - Playing with Monsters (23 Sept.)

Episode 4 - Poor Little Lambs (30 Sept.)

Episode 5 - Some Strange Eruption (7 Oct.)

Episode 6 - Smoke 'em if You Got 'em (14 Oct.)

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 will premier on 9 September on FX networks.