Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Spoiler
The boys of SAMCRO will be back with less fatalities in the final season of Sons of Anarchy. Sons of Anarchy/FX

A new spooky teaser for Sons of Anarchy Season 7 hints at the final journey of the super hit FX biker drama.

While the first teaser showed Jax Teller's face turning into a raging skull, the second teaser shows no one on the bike.

Although the teasers suggest major deaths in the final season of the most popular motorcycle drama, it is still unclear who survives till the 'Final Ride' of the show.

Entertainment Weekly suggests that the second trailer may hint at the survival of only one, 'Death'.

The website report reads:

With no one in the seat, the question is, who gets to ride off in the end? Jax, another Son, or only Mr. Mayhem (aka Death)?

The caption of the 20-second teaser video reads: "Who will complete the final ride?"

FX has released a second teaser for the final season of Sons of Anarchy, which premieres on 9 September. Watch "Final Ride" below. Does the cross on the side of the road at :02 mark a past death (John Teller's or Tara's), or foreshadow one?

Sons of Anarchy will premier its seventh and final season on 9 September at 10pm and the first episode will run for one hour and 45 minutes, The wrap reported.

The Kurt Sutter created series will start right from where it ended -- Tara's death.

Tara was murdered by her mother in law and SAMCRO matriarch Gemma. Fans are eager to see Jax's rage post his beloved wife's brutal murder.

The final series journey, as hinted by Sutter, will be more emotional but there will be bloodshed and major deaths.

However, it remains to be seen who will die and who will take up the final journey of death.