It is once again the time for bloody battles between the outlawed motorcycle clubs as Kurt Sutter is all set to bring back the rugged bikers on television after the success of his cult classic show Sons of Anarchy.

The show creator has recently shared an Instagram post regarding the filming update about his much-awaited spinoff titled Mayan M.C. of the Charlie Hunnam starer show. Sutter shared a image that shows a sunlit mountain amid dark patchy clouds and captioned it with "Mayans MC Pilot 2.0. wrapped".

Mayans MC Pilot 2.0. Wrapped. #mayansmc #samcroquartet

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Fans are meanwhile going gaga over the filming wrap announcement and eagerly awaiting for the FX to announce its premiere date. "I would wait 5 more years, if that's how long it takes for another show to mean as much to us (the fans) as SAMCRO did," one elated fan wrote. "When does Mayan MC premier?" added another. "Can't wait to see it," wrote a third one.

This is a reshot of the spinoff as the original filming of the pilot was shelved, citing "creative reasons". The new show will follow the life of Ezekiel "EZ" Reyes whose life changes upside down due to cartel violence. From the synopsis it appears that the J D Pardo's character will suffer massive personal loss and will set out on a journey of revenge.

The plot of the original Sons of Anarchy series revolved around the fictional town of Charming where Jax Teller dealt with the downside of being the leader of SAMCRO, his infamous biker gang. Due to the constant violence and evil plots by his mother Gemma, he suffered a terrible personal loss and ultimately ended his life in the series finale after avenging the death of the love of his life.

It is not yet known how Sutter has written EZ's life in the violent world of gang war. But the on-set images of the show do speak volumes – fans can expect plenty of scuffles and gun battles between the biker gangs on the Mexican – Californian border.

Sutter is yet to announce an air date for the Latino biker drama, which will be aired on FX. But considering the filming wrap, fans can expect its trailer to arrive in a month or two.