A five-star hotel for dogs opened this month in Cape Town, South Africa. AtFritz, named after owner Yanic Klue's pup, has fine dining, an à la carte menu, a concierge service, a spa and even satellite televisions.

Ms Klue said, "The entire dog hotel is built on a five-star human hotel, so everything you would get in a human hotel you would really get AtFritz, from an à la carte menu where you can order your dog's meals, right through to concierge service. The concierge service is really there to make sure your dog gets the five-star treatment that he is used to at home."

"So if the dog is used to walking on Lion's Head, for example [a mountain in Cape Town], once a day at six o'clock, you can order from the concierge service that one of our dog sitters or professional dog walker walks your dog at six o'clock on Lion's Head," she added.

Larger rooms for more glamorous pups include the Platinum Suite, and the Donald Trump room, which includes a double bed and sofa for guests. Prices range from R 250 (£11.46, $17.27) to R 500 (£22.92, $34.54) a night.

The restaurant even includes specially-made meals for tailored diets. Ilse Fourie, owner of Rogues Paws and Bakery, said, "It's all natural: coconut oils, whole wheat meal, gluten-free for some of my French bulldog friends. And it contains things like Marmite, biltong, butternut, mint parsley – everything's organic and natural. It's baked and it's dried like you do for a rusk, with no preservatives".

AtFritz opened on 1 December, following the @Fritz clothing label launch in June.