A group of 'beautiful' South African women are intentionally infecting unsuspecting males with the HIV virus with the help of social networking sites including Facebook.

The 'bitter' gang off 12, who charm good looking guys online before meeting up to plant the virus, have been exposed after an intended victim named some of its members in an open letter warning the men of South Africa.

The letter, written by a young man named Thabiso Mokgosi, which was posted on blogs across the African nation, claims that one of the gang, a woman known as Mercedes K Madube, confessed her plans to infect him with the HIV virus after she decided that she could no longer go through with her devious scheme.

It goes on to detail an on-going conversation between the pair via Facebook in which she reveals that she is part of a group who infect men in twisted bid to get back at the men that infected them.

The letter also claims that they meet on Mondays to discuss and update each other on the status of their latest victims conquests.

In one post, Madube reveals that she has had the virus for a year after she was infected by a boyfriend.

She wrote: "Yes,im dying & yes my aim till lyk a minute ago,was to hook up wit u,seduce u so u'd sleep wit me,i wanted to infect u.

"I hate good lookin guys dat much.I'm not da only one,des a group of us dat does dis,12 of us r frnds wit u on facebook,some on twitter,its a race,we flirt & charm good looking guys & whoeva gets de first,plants da virus,we all got it frm guys,hot guys.Its a very sick game i knw," she adds.

Mokgosi claims that shortly after Madube came clean he was approached by another member of the gang named Wilhemina Bodiba who also tried to seduce him within three days of meeting him.

The African continent has the highest rate of people infected my Aids and HIV. In South Africa alone, 5.7 million are infected with the disease that attacks the immune system.

The detailed letter has already gone viral just hours after it was posted, sparking anxiety and outrage across the country.

Although individuals convicted of intentionally transmitting HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, face up to 10 years in prison, one unphased user insists that these types of gangs are common: "This is so strange, but mostly. Reality....lots of girls are beautiful outside yet ,dirty on the inside, always looking for targets to spread the virus on, they consider this as "sharing" is "caring the virus too...lots of men should be careful of these girl."