South Korea pile-up
South Korea: 100-car pile-up on Yeongjong Bridge kills two and injures dozens Google Maps

A major pile-up involving 100 cars has killed at least two people and injured 60 others in South Korea's Yeongjong Bridge near the Incheon International Airport.

The pile-up was started by a bus collision at about 09:40 local time on the bridge, which connects Incheon's Yeongjong Island to South's mainland.

Poor visibility due to fog is said to be behind the accident, though officials are yet to ascertain the actual cause.

Seven injured victims are thought to be in serious condition and the death toll is likely to rise further.

Many others remain trapped inside their vehicles. A 51-year-old and another 46-year-old have been confirmed dead by authorities.

"Our understanding is that there are three locations where the accident started. We'll try to wrap up our investigation soon and ask for help from related agencies if there are specific problems with the bridge," senior police official Jeong-gyun told reporters.

Emergency officials have cordoned off the section of the bridge which leads to Seoul and other lanes as well.

Flights are also disrupted due to bad weather conditions.