A mystery sports superstar is being quizzed by police over claims they infected a lover with HIV and is begging the victim not to press charges, it has been reported.

Sources have said that the star is now trying to win back the ex-partner. The alleged victim's family have dubbed it "emotional blackmail".

An insider told The Sun: "The victim's been to hell and back. It's been dragging on for years."

The victim claims to have learned that their celebrity partner had HIV after finding out they were taking anti-viral tablets used to treat the condition. A day later, the victim also tested positive at a clinic.

Detectives from Thames Valley Police's Complex Case Unit are treating the 2015 complaint as GBH. They are expected to send a file to the Crown Prosecution Service.

The maximum penalty for "intentional transmission" is life in jail, but police have to prove it was deliberate.

The international sports star – who is said to be "loved by millions" – could ultimately face life behind bars if convicted of infecting their previous partner.

The case was reportedly brought in by detectives on 12 February.

Other sources say the star denies any wrongdoing, but is increasingly worried about being charged. A source said last week: "You can see the toll it has taken on them. They have started to lose a lot of weight."