The Pokemon Go craze may have tempered down a bit since its launch, but Maroon 5 has decided to revive it with their latest music video Don't Wanna Go.

The video sees the band members dressed as characters from the augmented reality game, trying to get through their days of working out at the gym, practicing yoga and flying kites, while constantly running from the hoards of young Pokemon players who want to 'capture' them.

For someone, unfamiliar with the game itself, it takes a while to realise why Adam Levine is wearing a big colourful bug costume... until you notice the crowds of smart phone-holding chasers.

Aside from the band members in suits, the video also features cameos from a number of celebrities like Hangover's Ed Helms along with Vince Vaughn from Wedding Crashers. Comedienne Sarah Silverman plays Levine's love interest in the video but after an awkward chance meeting in the park, she flies away, literally!

The only person who was missing from the video was Lamar, who raps one verse of the song.

The David Dobkin video is interjected with two conversations – one with a cameraman interrupting the filming of one scene to ask Levine to wear a cowboy hat on top of his bug costume. "I don't know, man," Levine says. "I don't know if I want to be like, silly."

At the end of the song, the front man and Vaughn sit at a bar talking about the constant chase and how they are tired of running.

Maroon 5 is expected to perform their new single live on the Ellen show on 3 November. Watch the video of Don't Wanna Know below: