Luis Figo's teenage daughter has slammed reports that alleged a sex tape involving her was leaked online. Daniela Figo has issued a statement saying that she is not the girl in the X-rated videos and photos that were posted online.

A video that appeared online earlier this week, showed a girl resembling Daniela performing a sex act on camera.

"Recently there have been inappropriate images and videos that have been circulating around Instagram and Whatsapp of a girl claiming that she is me. I just want to make sure that everybody understands that these images are false and that it really isn't me," the 18-year-old daughter of the former Real Madrid legend, said in order to clear the air.

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She later expressed her disgust at people who tried to tarnish her name by releasing the fake video. "I truly don't understand the motive behind this and it's sad to see how certain people like to create these false statements via images and videos of someone they don't even know," Daniela, who is currently studying in the University of Surrey in England, added.

Support for Daniela came pouring in soon after her post and many of her followers slammed the fake videos. "Do not let that affect you be strong and keep your dignity high," one internet user wrote while responding to her post. "It seems super disrespectful to me from the one who sent the video saying that it was her, my support towards you."

"I hope it does not go any more... Unfortunately people do not realize the damage that can cause with these things," said another. "What a pity. I do not know why there are people with such a dirty mind. They do not know the harm they do to that person, I dislike the people who are like that," added the third one.

Daniela is the eldest daughter of Luis Figo with wife and Swedish model Helen Svedin. The couple are also parents to two other daughters, 15-year-old Martina and 13-year-old Stella.

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Daniela Figo is the eldest daughter of Luis Figo and wife Helen Svedin Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty Images