Star Wars The Force Awakens has created a lasting impression on fans and the end scene between Luke Skywalker and space junk scavenger Rey has made them long for more updates about the next sequel from Disney, Star Wars 8. Now, a scene description featuring Princess Leia and Resistance pilot Poe Dameron has been leaked on the internet. The scene also features Jurassic Park actress Laura Dern, who recently joined the cast of the space odyssey franchise.

Warning: The following content contains possible spoilers for Star Wars 8

According to the leak, reported by Latino Review, a huge galactic war will engulf space. This will result in a heavy loss for the Resistance army in terms of causalities. The website also hinted at the critical fate of general Leia Organa, the wife of the deceased rebel leader Han Solo.

Here is the leaked scene description:

In one of the scenes shot in this stage, a rag-tag group of Resistance fighters have seen some battle. Cut and bruised, they and Poe Dameron are on this ship when Laura Dern, playing some sort of captain or officer. She tells the fighters that they are the last of the rebellion/resistance (I'm unclear on the exact phrasing of the line, so no capitalizing the Resistance) and that Princess Leia has been gravely injured and is receiving medical attention.

The description will come as a shock to fans of Han and Leia as they are already reeling from the death of the former rebel leader in Star Wars 7. What's more tragic is that he was killed by his own son, Ben Solo, who ultimately turned towards the Dark Side and became the dreaded Kylo Ren.

The leak has triggered speculations that Kylo may have something to do with Leia's serious injuries. And it will be interesting to see how Luke, the son of Darth Vader, will avenge the injuries of his twin sister and the death of his friend Han.

Rumour mills are abuzz that Mark Hamill's character will train Rey as a Jedi warrior in order to end the galactic terror created by Kylo.

But these are mere speculations; the truth remains that Disney is taking extra precautions to guard its pricey franchise. For the eighth instalment, the movie production company has hired drones to maintain the secrecy of the movie's plot.

Star Wars 7 was the subject of multiple leaks and rumours too but when the movie was released, none of them turned out to be true. To know whether the recent plot leaks are true or not, fans need to wait until Star Wars 8 premieres in theatres.

Episode VIII of Star Wars will be directed by Rian Johnson and will premiere on 15 December 2017.