Star Wars: The Force Awakens
J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens will premiere on 17 December in UK and on 18 December in the US. Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

With the world premiere of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens in Los Angeles on Monday December 14 the teasers and ultimately spoilers are no doubt going to be pouring out across the internet.

With Stars Wars fans doing their very best to uphold the mysteries created within JJ Abrams' new tale, even the early release of commemorative figurines caused a furore for revealing unknown costume details.

If you happen to be one of those who is clutching your pre-booked tickets in anticipation but hiding from Facebook and Twitter for fear of unwittingly seeing details on Darth Vader et al then we may have found the answer to your Star Wars prayers.

The social media people at Houston PR who have developed will be automatically pre-checking tweets and posts for Star Wars spoilers with their new programme Obi Quiet. So the fans amongst you who are worried about upsetting your friends can check your tweets and posts using the automated form at to avoid spoiling anything.

Designed primarily to help users tweet more effectively without using tired phrases like "cheeky nandos" and "epic fail", the team behind pre-tweet have extended their repertoire on this occasion to include everything from Obi Wan to Leia. You just copy and paste your status onto the site and it will let you know if you're okay to post or not.

As Hamish Thompson from Houston PR said: "I'm old enough to remember the first Star Wars movie. Six months ahead of the premiere all we had to go on was a series of shots in the well-thumbed gatefold of the double album soundtrack in my local record shop. Now there are tweets and posts within seconds of any film screening. is essentially two bits of coconut tied together with string, but it should help a few fans to cleanse their tweets and avoid spoilers for others still queuing to see it."

The only person we can really see needing this at the moment is probably Piers Morgan, who got into a Twitter battle with the whole of Star Wars fandom over his scathing review in The Daily Mail of the latest episode of the franchise without having actually seen it, writing that "if you want bad acting, terrible special effects and cheesy plots, watch Star Bores" before proceeding to take on the rest of the Star Wars fans on Twitter.