Two (presumably blood-free) Starbucks coffees. Chris Hondros/Getty Images

Coffee chain Starbucks has been hit with a lawsuit from the parents of a two-year-old child who allegedly drank from a coffee up that contained a barista's blood. The company has said it will contend the claims in court.

Amanda and Luis Vice visited a branch of Starbucks in San Bernardino in February 2016, and told KTLA they didn't notice a problem with their drinks, which they took home to their two-year-old girl, until it was too late.

Two of the cups had a visible red stain, with one emitting a "strong metallic smell" according to KTLA's report.

"Once we drank it, then we could see on the inside of the rim that there was blood," Amanda Vice said. "[Our daughter] was licking the whipped cream where it had been sitting on top."

"My wife and my baby just drank someone's blood," Louis Vice added. "It was bad.

"We felt sick to our stomachs, we shouldn't have to worry about going to get something to drink and there being blood in our drink where we could get sick. It's very stressful."

According to the family's lawyers, early blood tests have indicated that no diseases were transmitted during the incident, but the final, conclusive tests aren't expected for several months.

The Vice family's lawsuit alleges that Starbucks management knew an employee at the branch was bleeding, but did not do their due diligence and keep them away from the food and drink on sale.

The suit alleges negligence, fraud, intentional infliction of emotional distress, battery, and assault.

Starbucks has said it will defend itself in court. A spokesperson said: "We are aware of this claim, that allegedly took place in 2016, and are prepared to present our case in court."