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Struggling to dominate the galaxy? Try these cheeky codes. Paradox Interactive

Paradox Interactive's real-time strategy sci-fi opus, Stellaris, follows the basic tenets of the 4X structure - expand, explore, exploit and exterminate - and can be deviously hard, but players looking for an advantage in combat have secret access to 'God Mode' as well as a whole host of instant resource-gathering 'cheats' via the PC console command function.

Your first few hours in Stellaris will mostly be spent nursing your civilisation and will focus more on politics and resource-gathering than on all-out skirmishes. However, when war comes, Stellaris can be brutal and newcomers to its 4X/RTS-hybrid mechanics may find themselves overwhelmed.

Need quick and easy cash, technology and minerals, or just to switch off the enemy AI completely? Then look no further than these quick codes.

How to access the Console Command menu in Stellaris

While in a campaign, press the Tilde key on your keyboard (~). You can then enter any of the below commands in lower case, although this won't work in Ironman games.

Stellaris Console Commands list and guide

ai – Toggles enemy AI on or off

cash [amount] – Adds 5,000 cash by default or specified amount

contact – Toggles contact with other empires on or off

control [planet ID] – Instantly occupy planet if not at war with colony

damage [amount] – Selected ship takes specified damage amount

democratic_election – Start an election

deposits – Toggle deposit visibility on or off

engineering [amount] - Adds 5,000 engineering by default or specified amount

fast_forward [value] – Jumps forward in-game days by specified value

finish_research – Instantly finishes any active research

ftl – enables/disables unlimited FTL travel

human_ai – Toggles AI for human empires on and off

influence [amount] - Adds 5,000 influence by default or specified amount

instant_build – Instantly finish building active upgrades, ships, stations and buildings

invincible – God mode

kill_country [country ID] – Instantly kills entire country

minerals [amount] - Adds 5,000 minerals by default or specified amount

peace_on_player [country ID] – Selected country offers peace to player

physics [amount] – Adds 5,000 physics by default or specified amount

planet_happiness [amount] – Selected planet given happiness buff

populate – Selected planet reaches maximum population

research_technologies – Instantly finishes any active technology research

resource [resource type] [amount] – Adds 5000 to specified resource by default or specified amount

skills [amount] – Adds specified amount of skill to all player leaders

society [amount] – Adds 5000 to society by default or specified amount

survey – Surveys all planets

war_on_player [country ID] – Selected country declares war on player

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The 'planet_resource' code allows players to gather materials quickly for a specific location. Paradox Interactive

Stellaris Planet Resource Console Commands

The 'planet_resource' command fills random tiles on a selected planet with a definable resource. Here is the full list you can enter into the command 'planet_resource [resource name]':

sr_alien_pets – Alien pets

sr_betharian – Betharian stone

sr_dark_matter – Dark matter

energy – Energy

engineering_research – Engineering Research

sr_engos – Engos vapor

food – Food

sr_garanthium – Garanthium ore

[JR SUBBED] – Influence

sr_living_metal – Living metal

sr_lythuric – Lythuric gas

minerals – Minerals

sr_neutronium – Neutronium ore

sr_orillium – Orillium ore

physics_research – Physics research

sr_pitharan – Pitharan dust

sr_satramene – Satramene gas

society_research – Society research

sr_teldar – Teldar crystals

sr_terraform_gases – Terraforming gases

sr_terraform_liquids – Terraforming liquids

sr_zro – Terraforming liquids

If you want to delve a little further into Stellaris' GUI and draw settings, you can find even more codes at the Stellaris Wiki.

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