Steve Bannon may be keeping close to Washington and the White House these days, but Donald Trump's chief strategist lived a very nomadic life prior to becoming an advisor to the president of the United States. A recent investigative piece by the Washington Post shed light on Bannon's wandering lifestyle, and in one particular case, how he left a house in disrepair and a hot tub "covered in acid".

According to the newspaper, in February 2013, the former executive chair of Breitbart News and his ex-wife Diane Clohesy signed the lease for a three-bedroom house on Opechee Drive, in an upscale neighbourhood in Miami, Florida. Despite neighbours claiming they rarely saw him around, Bannon registered to vote in Florida and listed the address as his legal home. Other residents claim Clohesy was the one who visited the property most.

In August 2016, a Guardian report alleged that Bannon registered as a Florida resident to take advantage of the fact that the state does not have income taxes.

Two years from the time they signed the lease, in February 2015, Bannon changed residences after ending the water and sewer service to the Opechee Drive house. The landlord claims the 63-year-old left the house in disrepair.

"[E]ntire Jacuzzie bathtub seems to have been covered in acid," the landlord wrote in an email to Bannon, who in turn told him to get in contact with Clohesy and sort things out since he was out of town. It was estimated that more than $14,000 (£11,400) worth of damage was done to the residence.

Devin Kammerer, their real estate agent confirmed the sorry state of the property, and said he was troubled by the damage. "I would not work with them after that," he said. "I would not refer them again as clients of mine."