On Friday, November 6, residents of Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire were alerted by calls for help heard from the street. The cries were from Kimberley Deakin, who had been fatally stabbed. Neighbours found the mother carrying her four-month-old daughter trying to flee from her assailant. After emergency services arrived, the woman was taken to a hospital where she succumbed to her injuries. Staffordshire Police arrested Lewis Crofts on suspicion of murder. The investigation into the incident continues.

At around 4:45 pm, residents of Leigh Street, Burslem witnessed Deakin covered in blood running out of her home while crying for help. Neighbours alerted emergency services and Deakin received medical attention at the scene before being taken to a hospital. However, shortly after being admitted she passed away.

The Staffordshire police established a crime scene in the area. They sealed off the home where the attack took place. Neighbours noticed heavy police presence in the area since the attack. It was later revealed that the police had arrested a 39-year-old man in relation to the fatal attack. A post-mortem examination of the woman's body by the Home Office revealed that her death was caused by stab wounds.

Crofts is being held in police custody under the suspicion of murder. It is believed that he was known to his victim, however, their exact relationship is unclear. On Monday, November 9, the suspect from Dorset is to appear at North Staffordshire Justice Centre for the murder charge against him. The four-month-old girl is reportedly in the custody of the victim's family. Deakin's family is being supported by specially-trained officers.

Neighbours of the 29-year-old woman spoke up about what they witnessed on the day of the attack. Speaking to The Sun, Deakin's next-door neighbour Ken Bradshaw said that the victim had moved into the neighbourhood recently. He believes that she was pregnant when she moved in and the murder suspect moved in with her shortly after the child's birth. Other neighbours expressed their shock at the incident. Many people mourned the victim by leaving tributes and letters at the scene.

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Police investigated the death of a 29-year-old woman who was fatally stabbed in her home in Stoke. (representational image) Photo: AFP / Ben STANSALL